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Non Profits

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Nonprofits are using Peer to Peer Texting Communicate directly with your donors and stakeholders. This is your organization’s ability to contact a person directly and foster a relationship. No one reads newsletters and most social posts are skipped over. Keep your donors and stakeholders informed and develop a relationship with them with P2P.

It’s the ability to have a one to one 1:1 text conversation with hundreds of people at once that makes this so powerful. People love that they’re speaking to a human that cared enough to reach out. Nonprofits are continuously looking for new ways to engage Their audience and drive awareness of their issues.

There’s no better way been contacting someone directly in their pocket on their mobile phone. For the first time, you have the ability to hold a one-on-one conversation instantly opening up new opportunities for your nonprofit organization using peer-to-peer texting.

Other Usage Scenarios

Customer Reminders
Rally Event
Recruit & Identify
Advocacy Issues
Non Profits
Customer Follow-ups
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